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Beauty Tips

This is something I love to do when i want to relax or get ready for a night out or even in! ok i love to do this all the time! lol I take a fragrance that i love, i have so many! If im taking a cool shower i pick a cool fragrance, if im taking a hot shower i will pick a warm fragrance. When i undress for my shower or bath, i will spray the perfume on my arms and also on my legs and rub it in, just a few sprays usually do the trick. I will spray a light mist of the scent in my hair also. Then as i let the water hit me in the shower the scent comes alive! Even when your shampooing, shaving etc, you can smell the scent and it is so relaxing! its a nice way to get a cheap aromatherapy type treatment right in your own shower with your own favorite scents! Its so nice, and hey its worth a try, just take your favorite scent or maybe one that you dont use a whole lot and try it out its alot of fun! take care!

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Fragrances Tip by green garnet

Customer Reviews

2020欧洲杯积分I have wanted this perfume for the longest time and couldn't find it for a good price anywhere until I discovered this site. One of my favorites and I get complimented every time I wear it!!

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Review of Vera Wang Princess by Suzana